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Direct Response Copywriter | Certified Blockchain Solution Architect  | #TheWetwareIA

There's a dark truth about #TheWetwareIA which I've never really shared before.

One that secretly drives everything around how I operate the business.

I never started it to be rich, or "successful", or famous.

I started it to empty my bag.

Imagine you are wearing a backpack.

It's a big backpack, but it's pretty light.

You get a job, just as you've been taught in schools, & by your parents, that's the best way to succeed in life after all.

It doesn't pay well, but you have a foot on the ladder!

A little weight goes into the backpack, the hours you have to work, wearing the right uniform, getting from home to where you need to work.

But that weight doesn't seem too heavy, we've been conditioned to them from the first day of school after all.

But it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Then you add some more weight.

"How do I earn more money?"

"How do I get a promotion?"

"How do I fit being an adult around the 8+ hours per day I'm losing?"

The bag gets heavier.

Then it just keeps getting heavier.

You are on a path to this vague sense of success, handed down from other people, but the path is set by someone else & with every step, they add a little more weight.

Longer hours.

More responsibility.

More travel.

Harder work.

Every bit of money you earn comes with a bit more weight into the bag.

But the goal is to reach the top of the food chain, where you can start to empty the bag back out.

Where other people have to pick up the weight you have dropped, & carry it instead of you.

Of course, normal life adds more weight.

A mortgage, bills, kids, cars, that you also have to add more weight into the bag at work to pay for.

But there is no separate bag to put them in when you swap between home & work.

There is only one you so there is only one bag, everything goes into it, & you carry it everywhere.

Eventually, even though you don't realise the bag is there, you know you are weighed down.

Bowed by the weight of your commitments to everyone else & a company that, despite what they may say, only cares about you as a profitable commodity.

Those people you work with, who hate their job but keep doing it, who complain every day but never change, who will probably keel over at their desk dead & be replaced before they are in the ground, they have this weight on their backs.

"But you are successful!"

people will say.

"Look at your career!"

"You work so hard!"

"You are so close to that promotion!!"

But they don't know how simple it is, how easy it can be, how freeing to simply empty the weight & put in just the weight you want to carry.

That's why I started The Wetware IA to work as a direct response copywriter in crypto & blockchain.

On my last day in the previous job that's exactly how I felt.

I walked out of the office, emptied that bag onto the ground, & only carried away the weight that I wanted.

For the first time in as long as I could remember I stood straight & walked easily.

That's the true benefit of being an entrepreneur, freelancer or whatever other label you want to put on it.

You get to choose the weights that go into your bag, & you get to choose when to take them out again.

Without that, I would never have been part of, be working on my own NFT project ApesVsHedgies, or be involved in designing & running an ARG later this year.

All these incredible opportunities would have been missed.

Because my backpack was too heavy to add the tiniest bit more weight unless absolutely essential.

But, once it was lighter, something amazing started happening.

The work I do is better.

The projects I am involved in are more interesting & I can dedicate more effort to them.

I can take much more weight on for a short time than I could before, because my bag is light.

The quality of what I do is much higher, the results better, & the people I work with are happier with the results.

Plus, when things go wrong as they always do in life, their weight becomes easier to handle.

Because I'm not already weighed down.

A heavy bag stops you from living.

It slows you down & makes you dread having any more commitments, learning anything new or enjoying your hobbies.

Any little thing going wrong feels like a disaster.

Because each of them, no matter how fun or minor, is a little more weight to carry & that bag is already so damn heavy.

The only ones you can bear are those that numb the feeling of carrying the bag because you think you can't take it off.

There will always be some weight to carry, but maybe, in this incredible age of technology & understanding, earning money to live shouldn't be so heavy, & we should all be able to choose what weights go in our backpacks.

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