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Would you rather eat at an ice cream shop that only sold vanilla ice cream or a restaurant where the chef would make whatever you wanted?

But he'd never made ice cream before.

Pretty much all comes down to if you want vanilla ice cream or not.

Because, if you love vanilla ice cream, the shop that only sells ice cream is much more likely to do it better than the place which has never done it before.

Even if it costs a bit more.

But let's say you went to the place that can do anything you want but had never done vanilla ice cream before.

"Sure I can do that for you," the man behind the counter says eagerly,

"I've heard of vanilla ice cream. Never tried it myself, but sure I can make that."

He takes your payment, then he gets to work.

First, he starts by going and seeing what other ice cream sellers do, what their customers like.

Then he goes & tries tasting a load of vanilla ice creams to see which is best.

Then he starts looking at recipes from the internet.

Dozens of recipes.

You look out the window at the happy customers coming out of the ice cream shop.

There aren't as many maybe, but every single one leaves with exactly what they want, while your chef is still figuring out exactly what vanilla ice cream is.

You tap your fingers on the counter, bored.

Eventually, the chef shows you the recipe he has chosen to make.

"Ah..." you say, trying to be polite,

"That's chocolate ice cream. I wanted vanilla."

The chef looks at the recipe.

Then at you.

Then back at the recipe.

"But it's ice cream. I can definitely make this for you."

"No, no, I'd really like vanilla ice cream," you reply.

"Ok, no problem," he says, holding out the card machine,

"Pretty much there, just a couple of tiny tweaks."

With a sigh you pay & he goes back to work.

Night has fallen.

The sun has dipped below the horizon, clouds have rolled in & rain starts to pour.

The ice cream shop has long since closed for the night, after all, who wants ice cream in the cold & the rain?

Not you, that's for sure.

The chef turns to you,

"You know what, I'm going to work through the night to get you this vanilla ice cream! That's how dedicated I am!"

You shrug & smile.

You no longer want the ice cream, but you've paid so much it seems a waste to not get it now.

Plus, he's trying so hard to get it right.

Sure, the shop that only sells vanilla ice cream would have given you your ice cream hours ago, & it would have been delicious, but you've missed that chance now.

Finally, the chef starts making the ice cream.

He gives you a taste of it.

It's brown.

It tastes... chocolatey.

"That's not what..." you start to say.

"No, no, that's not the final version." the chef interrupts, before turning and working on some more.

He gestures at the card machine as he works.

You sigh & pay some more after all, surely they must be close to finished by now?

Time no longer has meaning.

You feel like it's been a lifetime waiting for the ice cream.

Finally, he hands it to you.

It's actually vanilla.

It tastes OK, but outside winter has fallen.

Maybe wolves roam the land, ready to eat fools who wander with dairy snacks at night. Who knows?

It's far too cold for ice cream anyway.

The chef smiles as he knows that next time someone wants vanilla ice cream he can charge them a bit less, do it a bit quicker, & make it taste a bit better.

As he looks away you dump the ice cream in the bin, thinking about getting some chips on your way home.

Across the road, a shop turns on its lights. Its sign reads,

"Just Chips. Nothing else. We only sell chips to hungry people on cold winter nights when they've had disappointing ice cream."

Your chef sees you looking &, as you sidle out the door, shouts,

"I've never done chips before, but I'm sure I can figure it out!".

I'm the vanilla ice cream salesman.

But for blockchain & NFT direct response copywriting.

That is my niche.

I spend my time talking about it, discussing it, learning all I can about it.

I'm even certified as a Blockchain Solution Architect.

Lots of copywriters don't work in a niche.

They work in whatever field someone is willing to pay them.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Money is money.

But for you, it creates a problem.

You aren't just paying them for the result, you are also paying for their education along the way.

You are waiting for them to get to a high enough level of understanding before they can even put pen to page.

Then you run the risk of having to proof their work at a technical level, to spot errors that people experienced with the tech wouldn't make.

Working with me is different.

You won't need to explain to me the differences between a DAG vs a blockchain, or the end-user benefits of using Proof of Stake over Proof of Work (or vice versa).

I've helped explain the technical aspects of blockchain & NFT's to companies around the world.

You won't need to wait while I go figure it out, & try to get my head around what is highly technical language.

I already speak the jargon.

You won't need a translator to sit between me & your dev team to find out all the features.

I've worked on those dev teams at the highest levels.

That's the advantage of a specialist.

Of a niche guy.

I'm already "up to speed".

I know what your competitors are doing.

I know what your rivals are up to.

I know what is happening across the market.

Before you have ever got in touch.

You get a better end result, faster & with less effort on your part.

So, if you are a blockchain or NFT business, & you need someone to help get you more users, arrange a consultation today to discuss how we could work together.

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