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Direct Response Copywriter | Certified Blockchain Solution Architect  | #TheWetwareIA

There's a dirty secret about running a blockchain or NFT project that you need to know.

The quality of your project doesn't determine how many users you get, the VC's who want to invest, or how much the industry talks about it.

Deloitte found that in 2017 only 8% of blockchain projects were actively maintained, & projects had an average lifespan of just 1.22 years.

With 90% of all startups failing & 21.5% failing in the first year, that is a low success rate.

Your project deserves better odds.


This is what #TheWetwareIA will help you to achieve.

The secret to getting all this & more?

Well, that's simple. Though not easy.

We help you sell to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

In an ideal world, this wouldn't be the case.

People would only invest their time & money in projects like yours, with the cleanest code, the best use-cases, & real long-term prospects.

In that world that you could simply put your project out there, people would recognise the quality, & act accordingly.


But, the truth is there are thousands of projects out there fighting for user attention, some high quality, but the vast majority not.

You've poured countless hours into your project, found funding to get it this far, & created something you are justifiably proud of.

Now you need to separate yourself from the pack.

Your project needs to stand out, not only for its quality, but also for the way it talks to the people you want to engage.

You need to be talking to the right people, at the right time, in a way that engages them in the solution you offer.

This is what #TheWetwareIA will help you to do.

But, why should you work with us?

After all, there are lots of cheap marketing & copywriting companies out there.

We are specialists in your industry.

At the start of 2020, Dan Thomas launched The Wetware IA, after working on the Proof of Concept project between Manx Telecom & Minima Global Blockchain, & becoming certified as a Blockchain Solution Architect.

Before then he spent;

Since launching The Wetware IA, Dan has worked with a range of projects as a technical solution architect, direct response copywriter, & marketing specialist.

Projects inclue;

This work ranged from technical architecture & documentation for $2 million VC investment meetings, custom sales funnels & landing page content, to guiding & consulting on complete marketing strategies.

This is the skillset #TheWetwareIA brings to your project.

Not just an in-depth understanding of sales techniques, digital marketing, & direct response copywriting, but also detailed knowledge of the technical nature of blockchains.

Every tech team has worked with a marketing team, at some point, who weren't specialists in the technology.

It's frustrating for everyone.

The marketing team find it hard to understand the technical aspects, the dev team find it hard to engage with marketing, & the cost continues to creep up.

We avoid this.

We understand the technology so hours are saved by not having to "bring us up to speed".

We know how to explain your technology to your relevant audience, in a way that engages them & makes them want to be part of it.

We will give you a fixed price, clearly explain what is in scope, & deliver you the solution you need.

How we will help your project.

You have a potential audience.

Those people & businesses who genuinely need your service, whose lives will be improved by having it, who want it even if they don't know it yet.

We will work with you to;

All to ensure you get the highest ROI you can.

While we offer a number of services, from hourly consultations through to full technical whitepapers, one of our most popular services, both for new & established projects, is the "Sales Funnel Package".

The Sales Funnel Package

From £1500.

This package is designed to help you;

Make no mistake, this is a package designed to do one thing.


More than that, it is designed to give you repeatable results, no matter how many times you use it.

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